Pelusilla, polyester merino chair

Authors: Amaia Sanchez-Velasco, Jorge Valiente and Gonzalo Valiente / Collaboration: Leandro Cappetto

Pelusilla is a previously unknown chair-species that can live both indoor and outdoor. Its skeleton, made of a light foldable aluminium structure, is combined with a synthetic-merino body. The Pelusilla speaks about the contrast between the pastoral picturesque and the technologized rural environment. It is a light and portable creature with a cosy look.

The Pelusilla is a hybrid specimen that represents two mirroring trading routes. On the one hand, thousands of Australian merino-sheep constantly travel overseas aided by sophisticated technologies for livestock transport. On the other hand, myriad synthetic components that reproduce sheep fur are imported to Australia.

The design was initially commissioned by the New Landscapes Institute to be exhibited at ‘The Long Paddock’, an exhibition that took place in 2017 at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery. Soon, a flock of Pelusillas left the gallery to host a conversation between farmers, artists, aboriginal activists and designers that occurred at the riverside in Wagga Wagga’s countryside.